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Ronald M. Pinkerton is founder of Reclaimed Africa and Reclaimed Ministries and is an avid explorer and outdoorsman. He has been published in Readers Digest and Guidepost magazines for his experiences in aviation and is well respected for his ministry work in the United States and abroad. During his travels into the deep remote interior bush of the Pokot tribe Ronald sleeps on the ground with only a blanket and a few medical supplies at his side. He carries no food or water with him because he believes that one must first live as the bush people live in order to help them and understand their needs. Ronald now resides in Kenya full time and is committed to helping the less fortunate discover a better life through education and development. Click here to read excerpt from Guidepost Magazine.





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Our team has been ministering at the remote bush villages of Reretiang, Adatat, Chematichor and Kalas since April of 2010'. Through the grace of God and many generous donors we have been able to drill three working boreholes that are producing clean fresh water to literally thousands of people and their cattle every day. In addition we have constructed three churches (one for each village) a small bush medical clinic and a four classroom school. UPDATE: We have just completed the drilling of a 150 meter deep borehole at the village of Kalas and struck a lot of water. The people are very excited! Our next project is building a 28'X42' church in this remote village. God is good and we are seeing His hand move daily in the lives of the people!


Welcome to Reclaimed Africa, a ministry that is committed to helping the impoverished of Kenya East Africa experience a better tomorrow. We are not an NGO or a business corporation, or even a large  business ministry. We are just a group of Christians who believe in carrying out the Word of God as outlined in the Bible. We believe that change is accomplished through education, development and hard work. Many African people today see no hope for the future. Our mission is to give this hope through helping, teaching and working along side until independence can be obtained through personal accomplishment and confidence. Since 2007' we have been working along side the people of Kenya, specifically the nomadic West Pokot Tribe in the north western providence, helping them obtain clean drinking water, building schools, churches, obtaining medical supplies, planting crops and developing their land with roads and housing.

The West Pokot Tribe of Kenya have been steeped in witchcraft, Voodoo, polytheism, forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM) for many centuries. Through our ministry efforts we are seeing a vast difference in the attitudes and lives of these very special people. Since 2007' we have now shown the Jesus Film which depicts the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to over 20,000 of the Pokot people. Many have accepted Christianity as their new faith and have broken lose from the fearful bondage of their past. To learn more about the Pokot people click the following link:  http://www.gateway-africa.com/tribe/pokot_tribe.html

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Our ministry team here in Kenya is inviting you join us for a short term mission trip to the Pokot Tribe in north western Kenya. For those of you who have a heart for carrying the gospel message to the unsaved and don't mind roughing it a bit in the bush of Africa, this will be a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget. The impact that you will make on the lives of the primitive people of Pokot will change their lives forever. Depending on the duration of your stay we will incorporate showing the 'Jesus Film' in the deep interior bush one night or more, bring food to the hungry, bring medical supplies (as money allows) and of course talk with the people about Jesus. And of course spending as much time with the children as possible is a must! We look forward to tapping into your personal experience and expertise in helping to develop the live style of these very needy people. Please prayerfully consider organizing a team of 4 to 10 people to come to Kenya on a short term mission trip and spend time with us serving and preaching the gospel to the Pokot tribe. I will promise you that you will never experience anything quite like it again in your life. Our team will be taking you out of populated areas and into the remote bush regions of north western Kenya near the Uganda border. There will be no modern conveniences until we return to Kitale town where you will be home based. Sleeping arrangements while in the bush will either be on the ground under the stars or in a mud hut (your choice). Please contact me via  e-mail giving me a day and time to call so that we can discuss things in further detail (we are presently 7 hours ahead of the east coast USA). God bless you and I look forward to joining together as we spread the gospel of Jesus Christ!