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Many children of the West Pokot Tribe have never attended school. Although the national language in Kenya is Kiswahili, the majority of children only speak their mother tongue of Pokot. Most girls are forced into marriage and become one of many in a marriage of polygamy at age fourteen. There has been no emphasis put on education for these girls, as they are only seen as a dowry paid in the form of cows and goats for marriage. Education of both boys and girls is changing this practice and giving them a new hope for the future. In the spring of 2011' we completed the building of a school in the remote village of Leyo about 25 kilometers from the trading center of Konyao The Kenya government became aware of this project and has now built an addition which has doubled the school size.  Although the students are presently sitting on the floor because there are no desks or chairs, they are so very happy to be afforded the opportunity to learn. In the spring of 2013' we started a small school in the remote bush village of Reretiang where we taught the children under trees using portable chalkboards. Today we have completed a four classroom school where 138 children are presently attending


  Discovering a better life through education!  

New four classroom school in Reretiang Village

Building school Finished inside walls