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  Delivering nutritious food to the people of West Pokot  


Today severe drought is affecting over 4.7 Kenyans with many facing the horror of starvation. The hardest hit of these areas have been the Turkana and West Pokot tribes. With your help, our ministry teams have been transporting nourishing food to the West Pokot people each week. Every truckload that we transport contains four ton of maize, potatoes, and cabbage. This is enough food to feed approximately 500 people for two weeks. The sight of children and pregnant woman are the ones who touch our hearts the most, children crying because of malnutrition and mothers unable to supply enough milk for their babies to survive. The relief food that we are now bringing to these people is literally saving hundreds of lives each day.

The cost for each load of food is between $1,000 and $1,200 usd including fuel and transportation.

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